Friday, July 3, 2009

-the secret unbare-

-the secret unbare-
July 03, ’09 10:55

I've been told not to tell,
I've been living this for quite a while,
For how this soul is aching,
For how this heart is panting,

In the corner alone I wheeze,
Reaching console that is never give,
Isn’t there a little care?
For my hurt and my despair.

My wish is never a fairytale,
Just a dust, but i still fail,
How I long for a big wide smile,
But it seems so far a thousand miles.

Yes, this is meant for someone,
A slight attention is all I want,
But i guess he would never care,
And this as always, would be left unbare.

Copyrights reserve to Noor Suraya.