Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blogger deadly disease

Ahlan Wasahlan,

Recent experience of an unintended post by a blogger had brought me to this post Pulut Binasa, Mulut Merana from Halaqah. It is a very good writing and everyone should read it.

There's a lesson that should be learnt from the situation (that i wouldn't say it here, one who knows know, and one who doesnt, does not need to know).

We have come to a level whereby blogging is like an essential to some people like us as a medium to express ourselves. And it's not anymore something we do for leisure, instead it's more to pleasure.. But in some circumstances, we accidently wrote what we did not intend to write. Something that is better unknown, or something that is better kept as what it is.

Unlike words, they're only heard by people who hear and here. But a blog post are read once, twice or thrice by millions of surfers. What priorly a "nukilan hati", now causing epidemic of distress and upset to the offended party. And worst the words are spread..

These episode are better be prevented then to cure. Because curing will take a whole lot of effort.. And who knows, you might not get cured. Worst you're bound to live with the disease you yourself, created.

Ma'as Salamah,
nota ketiak (tiru fit) : aisyah sekarang blaja bahasa arab. Mak die pun xbleh la buat2 dungu. Kang die bantai ckp arab sorg2 kt rumah pulak.

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