Monday, November 17, 2008

Cadbury Carnival

I was waiting for Saturday since i heard Cadbury will be organising a carnival at Sunway Piramid. I thought it was going to be a big event as they advertise it in the papers and radios..
but when we get there, its not as big as i imagined. and we didnt even get to take pictures with the mascots. but aisyah's happy..

OMG!! is that my arms..
BEST-LOVED CHOCOLATE and no melamine - blurry pic

aisyah trying to grab the chocolate

we bought mini bluberry cadbury, aisyah ate a lot.. and she even got a balloon. me and hapuz join the scrabble game which we have to search for the alphabet in a transparent box full of 'cengkerik' and form the word 'MALAYSIA' and 'CADBURY'.. it was yucky and smelly.. but we both got cadbury stickers for aisyah..

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