Tuesday, October 21, 2008

.:: satay minang yang mengiurkan & bah di dalam rumah ::.

last night we went to a place in Kampung Baru. we were on a quest to search for the best satay minang.
a friend who is also a minangers brought us to this restaurant which he claim the best and he always go there whenever he feels like eating satay minang.

we waited for him at Petronas Ikmal around 8.00pm, and waited for Zul more than 30 minutes.. arrrgghhhh so hungry cannot tahan. I even skip lunch and have lite breakfast this morning just for satay minang.. at last he came and lead the way, but we had to stop at Shell for him to pump air in one of the tyre. so i in a high-speed but rather cool swift, went into the shop ang bought 2 buns.. uhhhh lapar sih..

we continue the quest about another 20 minutes and later arrive at the place. we let the sifu do the ordering and just decide on what we would like to drink.. it was raining and cold but i decided on 'sirap limau ais' bcos i know the gravy would be spicy. my brother ordered teh o xmau gula (he sakit perut) but then zul ask him to try 'teh padang', which is also the same thing but minangin style.
xsempat nak snap gambar, sume mknn dh habis dgn lahapnye, lapo la katekan

our order came along with 4 small plates of satay minang. not like the usual dip and eat satay,satay minang was served 'banjir' with all the nasi impit, mix satay daging & perut, and gravy on daun pisang salai. then zul suggested we tried the 'keropok janget' which means 'keropok kulit kerbau' (i also dunno why they call it that, but definitely its not made from kulit kerbau), dip it in the gravy. it was a delicacy that we decided to order another plate for each of us except my brother who wanted to try their nasi & lauk..

there's one interesting lauk called daging dindings, bukan brand dindings tau. the meat was fried crispy, i thing they rolled it using steamroll la..

then zul ordered pecal, i tried but i didnt like it much as the gravy was like kuah kacang.
by that time, we were all full. zul even bungkus for his mother at home and aisyah was already jumping up and down.
one plate of satay minang cost only rm3 which zul says previously it was only rm2.50. it was worth it though. we said our thanks and we were on our way home by 11.00pm.
Rumahku, Bukan Rumahmu yang Banjir

sampai aje kt rumah, dgr ade org jerit "Banjir!!!!...". wahhh rase mcm tau je ape yg sedang berlaku.. imbas balik mase ptg td amik abg kt umah.. mesti pas mandi tak tutup paip utama tu.. donggg!!!! huhuhuh rumah ku banjir inside out.

dari 2nd floor dh banjir, air turun ikut tangga mcm water fountain la pulak.. abg siap buat lawak " lawa korg punye water curtain kan" huhuhu..habis sume brg kt bwh tangga tu.. seb baik all the boxes dh bwk naik the day before. kalau tak habis la rice cooker, pinggan mangkuk, and sterring PS2 ku itu.. (mcm mn tah nk eja sterring nih) habis tikar sarawak ku.. seb baik all the old pics yang nk scan tu xkene banjir. kalau tak, bleh kene pancung tu..

dan smlm juga menyaksikan dua org jejaka berlenggeng mengaut air bah didalam rumah. kukuku.. bagusla, bersih sket rumah lps diorg mop. seb baik aku pospon plan nk mop rumah smlm.. kahkahakhkh.. tp sayang, gambar banjir xsempat nk upload plak. tgu la nnti yek.

moral of the story, abg - "lepas ni mesti abg ingat nak tutup air..". wahkahakhakhakhakhakh...
"Anda Mampu Mengubahnya!"


myheart said...

satay minang punye pasal smpi paip lupe totop..ish3..mentang2 air free..hahaha

Anonymous said...

bro satey minang nie kedai dia kat mana? ... kat shah alam ade tak?

yaya said...

bro?.. yg kitorg mkn ni dkt kampung baru.. kt shah alam xtau la pulak..