Monday, October 13, 2008

like atukmak like aisyah.. updated with pic..

as promised, i updated this post with aisyah's pic posing like her atukmak.. very the same-same kan.. except my house very the bersepahla.. haha..

As i promised last week, this is my mum's 6 months old pic.. i wasn't too sure when all the atuks say aisya looks so much like her atukmak.. so we went back to kampung and search the old albums and found this..

i cant find aisya's pic in the same post, but i hope the second pic could give you some ideas.. you still have to meet aisya in person to tell..

anyway, i'd say aisya got her notty look.. and she is notty.. i'm out of breath..


myheart said...

aah same laa..tang kening len cket..len2 lebih pipi ecah yg hmpir kurang zat tu lebih tembun..hikhik

yaya said...

jom kite main teka-teki..
soalannye :

sape lg jendol??

A. Aisyah
B. Atuk Mak
C. Semua yg Diatas
D. ahahahahahahahahahahahha