Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do u always get what u want? What if.....

When i was a very young lady, i rememeber i always get what i wanted. That was the time when money wasnt really a problem to me and it never came to me to think about how my parent have to work to support the family.All i know was that i've always been happy with what i was given and what i have.

Until i finish school, i went to college. I wanted to do accounts because i like figures and my mum ( an accountant ) is always my role model. I dont have any basics in acc so i was force to take Physics instead. I was denied my rights to plan my own future career and my life. So I rebelled. I dont study, I was in detention and i never get good grades. Until my lecturer ask me why i wanted to do acc so badly. My answer was becuase i was good in figures and i like acc. My lecturer told me if you're really smart you dont have to do acc to be good, instead you can do good in anything you do. A young ketotol person i am, i thought that was reaaaalllyyy stupid.

I further my studies in university taking IT course. I was still on rebelled especially when i learn that my brother was allowed to take acc. Not until my 2nd year that something in me realize that like it or not this is my future career and this is my life. So I said to myself, I'm not going to ruin my life, place me anywhere and i'm going to succeed. I learn to accept it and now I am an IT consultant, working for an international company and get good pay.I'm determine to expand my experiences and career. My goal is to be damn rich.

So, to whoever out there still whining to do Hotel Management.. Just be thankful you ever made it to college. These days picky people dont get anything at all. Adios.

Note : Money is still never a problem to me. Just dont forget to donate. Orang kedekut memang rezeki xberkat.

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