Monday, September 8, 2008

.::Pets Wonderworld::.

Last two weeks we decided that we need housemate to cheer up the "mansion". So we invited two 20cents sized turtles that we havent named yet.. i guess we should only call them T1 and T2.
By the way, I used to have four during school days and they grow to a size of saucepan.. i named them the infamous Leonardo, Michael Angelo, Donatello and Raffael. But after that they're release to the wild (fish pond behind SIGS haha!!..) I guess they're happy..

T1 hanging on the shrubs
Anyway, a week after that T1 and T2 welcomed new roomates, F1 and F2. We arranged they're tiny private space nicely and make it a little bit cosy with two shades of aquatic shrubs (which F1 and F2 likes to munch on it.. i dont understand why??.. maybe it's a fish thing..). Hapiz also so nice bought air pump so F1 and F2 could live longger (after he ask me "buy now or after they're dead??.." hakdushhh!!! )..

F1 and F2 having a chat

oppsss... aisya turtling herself..

T2's fav spot

..T1 made friends in the outer world..

i always have pets.. so i've got to have pets even the last one ( a hamster) ran away with its rolling ball.. and the one before that ran away butt naked.. and before that ( a turtle) i threw it in my moms koi pond.. and before that (a hamster) ran away in a piped (third floor) and vanished once i reached the ground..
The POINT is.. none died in my possession.. they ran away seeking they're wild side.. *innocent* I'm a pet lover.. blubblubblub....

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