Wednesday, September 24, 2008

aisyah's new groove

two weeks ago we notice aisya has been crying quite a lot. we didnt know why until we notice there's a tiny white spot on her gum.. its a very little tiny teeth.. that explains the cries..
since that aisya creates a new habit.. she gnaws on her low lips (maybe because her gum's itchy).. its kindda cute when she do that her face becomes bulat2 everywhere.. haha..
sumtimes she looks like charlie in 'Snoopy'..


myheart said...

rambut aisyah nipis pastu halus..ikot rambut sapaa laaa tu...belikan la die yg leh gigit2 tu...hehehe

yaya said...

rambut baby mmg cm tu la..
nnti dh besar sket baru tebal and lebat sket..

kalau ikut aku sampai 5 bulan pun xde rambut lg..