Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fauzana's wedding..

from left : hakim, intan, kaklong and her 'anak', the groom, the bride (ana), me & littlle aisyah, kakngah, abang, hapiz

the Johari's and the pengantins.

switch places with kakngah so that aisyah could be seen, fully.

this evening we went to a dear friend's wedding. a childhood friend back in China. i didn't realize aisyah was half seen in the first picture until it was taken.

it was more like a gathering when we met some af the long lost friends. not in the picture was also iki and nadia (pakcik Rahman's children), wani and wan (pakcik seri's children), jaja (pakcik Dahlan's daughter). Pakcik Hassan and Pakcik Sharuddin also came but we missed them. We learned that pakcik Mustapha and aunty Jamaliah currently in Riyadh.

We all grow up but certainly the meeting digs up years and years of memory..

Hope to see Hafizah and Wani (pakcik Hassan's daughter) and Mastura (pakcik Mustapha's daughter).

Congratulations to the bride and groom.. Until death do thee apart..

p/s : maybe next gath will be at kaklong's wedding.. hehe..

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