Thursday, June 19, 2008

aisyah 0~2weeks old

my first day coming to work after a loooooong break (2 months) is the most malas day of my life.. i can't be doing my work in that kind of mood, so i did this instead.

actually.. i accidently found a movie maker software and thought that i should try it.. and guess what, its great.. its not that difficult, it actually took me a day (on hands training + doing my actual work + surfing ). but its kindda lack of features.. i mean, we cant use coding so its a bit too bounded and restricted.

so hopefully u guys enjoy it.. this clip is specialy created for my new born little cutie pie mushi mushi tahu cheek aisyah..

nick 'pipi tahu' tu makcikin die yg bagi. lekat sampai hari ni..

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