Monday, May 3, 2010

Sapa kate buat fondant senang tu mmg nk kene lutu..

Trembling.. yeah u heard me.. it is not as easy as it looks to create this cute delicious fondant flowers.. it requires much effort and focus.. and interest i suppose.. the fondant hardens quickly especially when you do it under full-blast fan (well kalau pembuatnye berpeluh nnti masin plak kan fondantnye eeeuuwwwww...)

like the lower one.. sweet isn't it (angkat bakul...).. the roses look cute but doing it was not easy at all, mark my words.. my hands were trembling the whole time.. because the fondant need to be really thin, its delicate when its soft but breaks once it hardens..

tulips xjd sgt.. fail.. need more praktice..

attempts to create a selimut-like fondant.. ok la..
initially i thought ribbons are the easiest.. but after third attempt failed i feel like want to ketuk my own head la... haisyyy...
so sape ckp buat fondant tu senang, well maybe dh expert nnti senang la.. but for sure i'll be back for more. next project dh ade dlm kepala cume nk tgu mase je..

credit tu mamabisya: thanks kak shikin, halalkan ilmu2 yg diberi (buat berkat)... hehe..

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wirr said...

buat sendiri ke? Guna apa?