Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bengang dengan TnG

Last Monday when i was going back home in the evening, as always i use the Sungai Besi toll. And i use the TnG lorong as always la kan. I didnt notice that the palang was somehow broken ke rosak ke. Of course la everyone will focus on touching the card.

As a user point of view, lepas touching the card as long as the palang is open then jalan aje la kan. I didnt notice anything wrong with the toll. Then when i reached Kajang toll, swipe the card and then they charged me RM54.00 for 'Tiada Plaza Masuk'. All the cars behind me were waiting and there's no one to complaint. It was just Errrgghhhhh!!!!!!!...

I'm so mad. RM54.00 is like my 3/4 months toll budget..

I talked to my friend about it and say that i was plaining to complaint and ask for my money return. She said that they'll just say that it was my fault and i can only make the aduan thingy..

Whoever produce the testcase for TnG system testing is so stupied for not providing warning messages so users could be aware of the problem. Who ever it is, tersangatlah stupid. Dan saye tersangatlah bengang..

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Salbiah bt Karim said...

rasanya blh buat aduan dan duit akan dipulangkan. Just try.