Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Satu hari yang merah..

I'm so happy this moment. Apart from successfully breaking the idiot shell around me and able to complete my work task, i just take a peek at one of my bestfriend's wedding pictures. Though i dont attend the wedding due to some ER matters, i'm happy for my friend that i heard the wedding went well.
Knowing now that they are married, conceive quickly..

so that we can bring our children to midvalley for a shopping trip..

Just cant wait for that day. Hahahaha....

Here is some of the pics i grab..

pak pak kepung kepung

cila!! awat hang tembun no!!!..

Merah Makngah!!!
psst... fit, banner tu ko gantung kt mane skarang ni...


CiLaa said...

yaya..purple la..bkn merah..

ermm i'm getting gemok day to day..huhh

myheart said...

aku tatau mane letak banner tu..awat?ko nak ke?..hehehe