Wednesday, November 19, 2008

.:: JKR Family Day '08 - Genting Highland ~ Dinner::.

manage to get hold of JKR Family Day Dinner pics from Hapuz just yesterday.. nothing much to say.. a picture holds a thousand memories.. and i have 7 down there.. take a peek..

on our way to the hall.. aisyah pakai overall tokdaddy belikan.. and her mummy konon2 nak matching, dh buy the purple longsleeve baru hapuz cakap the theme was black,red&white..
xpela i got black dolly dress there..

we're here.. i dont carry handbags nowadays.. just the notty totet & her beg susu..

us.. notice the round patch at my arms there.. aisyah is a piranha and she likes to eat her mummy

Pn Anita and kids..

mummy & daddy to be..

kak my & hapuz (wearing white & orange.. his fav baju, dont ever spoiled it)

hafiz, ayu & ain

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