Friday, September 26, 2008

we are all beautiful.. beauty makeover

I was surfing the net when i come across this image. its amazing what makeup could do these days. and i must say that i'm really impressed with the outcome.. i mean, just look at all these ugly ducklings 'oppsss...' their all actually so beautiful. it makes me wonder are all the hollywood actresses really beautiful or just merely makeups..
and just in case if ur wondering, the winner for this makeover is the second from the right.
tkmama : i still support natural beauty. dont spend so much for makeups. it makes u look like kongkang. once in a time ok laa..

Thursday, September 25, 2008


she likes to swim in her baby basin

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

aisyah berfesyen ~ fesyen tudung raya

cute x aisya pakai tudung indo nih.. untuk raye ni tau..

aisyah's new groove

two weeks ago we notice aisya has been crying quite a lot. we didnt know why until we notice there's a tiny white spot on her gum.. its a very little tiny teeth.. that explains the cries..
since that aisya creates a new habit.. she gnaws on her low lips (maybe because her gum's itchy).. its kindda cute when she do that her face becomes bulat2 everywhere.. haha..
sumtimes she looks like charlie in 'Snoopy'..

Friday, September 12, 2008

I always give 100% at work

see.. i'm not lying tau..
today's friday.. so only 5%

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

aisha is 5 months and 3 days old ~ is she sitting on her own?? yeayy..

actually aisha cant sit on her own yet, she's just balancing herself using her hand

aisha pushing herself up.. strong hands..

so playful.. u jump i tired..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

aisyah & ayah

si comel aisyah

bermain dengan ayah




Monday, September 8, 2008

How cute can this be??

.::Pets Wonderworld::.

Last two weeks we decided that we need housemate to cheer up the "mansion". So we invited two 20cents sized turtles that we havent named yet.. i guess we should only call them T1 and T2.
By the way, I used to have four during school days and they grow to a size of saucepan.. i named them the infamous Leonardo, Michael Angelo, Donatello and Raffael. But after that they're release to the wild (fish pond behind SIGS haha!!..) I guess they're happy..

T1 hanging on the shrubs
Anyway, a week after that T1 and T2 welcomed new roomates, F1 and F2. We arranged they're tiny private space nicely and make it a little bit cosy with two shades of aquatic shrubs (which F1 and F2 likes to munch on it.. i dont understand why??.. maybe it's a fish thing..). Hapiz also so nice bought air pump so F1 and F2 could live longger (after he ask me "buy now or after they're dead??.." hakdushhh!!! )..

F1 and F2 having a chat

oppsss... aisya turtling herself..

T2's fav spot

..T1 made friends in the outer world..

i always have pets.. so i've got to have pets even the last one ( a hamster) ran away with its rolling ball.. and the one before that ran away butt naked.. and before that ( a turtle) i threw it in my moms koi pond.. and before that (a hamster) ran away in a piped (third floor) and vanished once i reached the ground..
The POINT is.. none died in my possession.. they ran away seeking they're wild side.. *innocent* I'm a pet lover.. blubblubblub....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dinner 31st Aug 2008 ~ .:: East Meet West Spagheti ::.

roasted vege ~ capsicum / spring onion / carrot / baby tomato
boil brocollies
prego mushroom spagheti sauce
daging goreng kunyit
East Meets West Spagheti
at the end of independence day --> two happy tummies.. errkkk!!!!.. excuse me..

Breakfast 31 aug 2008 ~ .::Cempedak Merdeka::.

Bahan A : Tepung Gandum + Bikarbonat Soda (bleh ganti telo) + Serbuk Kunyit + Garam + Air
Bahan A + Cempedak

Goreng dlm minyak panas

Angkat dan toskan

Serve while hot.. SSSSsss....

Makan, eh??? dh habis..

51st Malaysia Independence

Its been 51 years our precious Malaysia celebrate its independence day. In the midst of our busyness to look forword to our future to come, let us spend 1 minute and look back to our past.

These are our themes of our independence starting from 1970.

  • 1970 - Muhibah Dan Perpaduan
  • 1971 - Masyarakat Progresif
  • 1972 - Masyarakat Adil
  • 1973 - Masyarakat Berkebudayaan Malaysia
  • 1974 - Sains Dan Teknologi Alat Perpaduan
  • 1975 - Masyarakat Berdikari
  • 1976 - Ketahanan Rakyat
  • 1977 - Bersatu Maju
  • 1978 - Kebudayaan Sendi Perpaduan
  • 1979 - Bersatu Berdisplin
  • 1980 - Berdisplin Berbakti
  • 1981 - Berdisplin Berharmoni
  • 1982 - Berdisplin Giat Maju
  • 1983 - Bersama Ke Arah Kemajuan
  • 1984 - Amanah Asas Kejayaan
  • 1985 - Nasionalisme Teras Perpaduan
  • 1986 - Bangsa Tegas Negara Teguh
  • 1987 - Setia Bersatu Berusaha Maju
  • 1988 - Bersatu
  • 1989 - Bersatu
  • 1990 - Berjaya
  • 1991 - Wawasan 2020
  • 1992 - Wawasan Asas Kemajuan
  • 1993 - Bersatu Menuju Wawasan
  • 1994 - Nilai Murni Jayakan Wawasan
  • 1995 - Jatidiri Penggerak Wawasan
  • 1996 - Budaya Penentu Kecapaian
  • 1997 - Akhlak Mulia Masyarakat Jaya
  • 1998 - Negara Kita, Tanggungjawab Kita
  • 1999 - Bersatu Ke Alaf Baru
  • 2000 -
  • 2001 -
  • 2002 -
  • 2003 -
  • 2004 -
  • 2005 -
  • 2006 - Keranamu Malaysia
  • 2007 - Malaysiaku Gemilang
  • 2008 - Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan