Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mencangkul di hari ahad

pokok pandan

batang serai

pokok cina + kaktus

my mom-in-law stayed at our house for two days this week.. we didnt do anything much on the first day. we did some cultivation on the second day.. MIL was talking with the mak aji side-backyard-neighbour when we learn that the family behind our house moved out about a month ago. So we went and cut some of their pandan screwpine and lemon grass. i did some mencangkul which i once or twice did in my entire life time.. it was so back aching, the handle was so old seasoned i was afraid i would get splinters and my nail would break (oohhhh~roll eyes).. anyway, we dug two deep hole just opposite my kitchen door (actually it was me digging and MIL was instructing how to do it "the correct way" haha..)

MIL even manage to get us three extra little pots to distribute our little china plant evenly (and she took one home).. the last blue pot was actually my long-lost-forgotten cactus which we bought during our trip to cameron highlands 1 July 2007.. MIL uses the burned soil from the place my husband used to burn all the leaves and sampah.. i didnt know that it would be good and vitaminised for the plant `salute!

thanks to MIL now i have little china plant pots that would bring `ong` to us.. ngeh3...


cinta said...

apesal kering kontang tanah kt rmh yaya tuh..segan serai tu nk idup..ngeh2..

yaya said...

tanah kt kawasan rumah tu tanah pasir.. pastu bekas lombong plak tuh.. gali2 jumpe batu la plastik la kertas la kaca la.. tu yg xde mineral galian tuh.. serai tu baru tanam la.. dh siram air banyk2 sblm kambus..

cinta said...

xde zat pokok tu nk idup..:D lerr yaya dok kt lombong la selama nih.huahuahua

yaya said...

ooo anda silap tu.. mak abgjasin korek tanah from tmpt pembakaran rumput rumpai.. penuh dengan segala kebaikan zat mineral.. huahua..