Monday, August 25, 2008

I amazingly lost...

a professional never throw her ball backwards

what happen to me?

we went for a round of bowling yesterday.. and i lost with flying colors.. yeaayy!!!
anyway we were competing with someone who bring his own shoe and ball.. and have been practicing every monday.. what do you expect, of course la we lose kan.. kan.. kan (ayat penyedap.. ngeh..ngeh..)
the second pic was the score board which cyilla try to show all of us that she get a strike on her first blow.. but eventually she loses to the pro.. huahuahuahua... its ok kn cyilla, until next time. next time we'll bring banana boat sun block... and spread it on zul's bowling ball.. kikiki..
anyway, fun time.. thanks guys course y'all came and play.. till we meet again and restart our rivalry. HUAHKHUAHKAUHKHAUHAKU!!!!!!..........
zul vs yaya vs cyilla = 1 : 3 : 2

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mencangkul di hari ahad

pokok pandan

batang serai

pokok cina + kaktus

my mom-in-law stayed at our house for two days this week.. we didnt do anything much on the first day. we did some cultivation on the second day.. MIL was talking with the mak aji side-backyard-neighbour when we learn that the family behind our house moved out about a month ago. So we went and cut some of their pandan screwpine and lemon grass. i did some mencangkul which i once or twice did in my entire life time.. it was so back aching, the handle was so old seasoned i was afraid i would get splinters and my nail would break (oohhhh~roll eyes).. anyway, we dug two deep hole just opposite my kitchen door (actually it was me digging and MIL was instructing how to do it "the correct way" haha..)

MIL even manage to get us three extra little pots to distribute our little china plant evenly (and she took one home).. the last blue pot was actually my long-lost-forgotten cactus which we bought during our trip to cameron highlands 1 July 2007.. MIL uses the burned soil from the place my husband used to burn all the leaves and sampah.. i didnt know that it would be good and vitaminised for the plant `salute!

thanks to MIL now i have little china plant pots that would bring `ong` to us.. ngeh3...

aisyah's second clip ~ 4 months 1 week..

to download the clip, please click here :


clip : aisya trying to strangle her tigger.. we switched off the lights so we all could sleep but this is what actually happens every night at least until 2am. its dark but luckily the flash light helps a lot.

picture : this was taken last night, we arrive from makngah's house last night around 1 am. aisya so sleepy but still wants to play turn-around. she was still babbling though half asleep, but i was too late when trying to record it. with her was her bucuk ~ tigger.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fauzana's wedding..

from left : hakim, intan, kaklong and her 'anak', the groom, the bride (ana), me & littlle aisyah, kakngah, abang, hapiz

the Johari's and the pengantins.

switch places with kakngah so that aisyah could be seen, fully.

this evening we went to a dear friend's wedding. a childhood friend back in China. i didn't realize aisyah was half seen in the first picture until it was taken.

it was more like a gathering when we met some af the long lost friends. not in the picture was also iki and nadia (pakcik Rahman's children), wani and wan (pakcik seri's children), jaja (pakcik Dahlan's daughter). Pakcik Hassan and Pakcik Sharuddin also came but we missed them. We learned that pakcik Mustapha and aunty Jamaliah currently in Riyadh.

We all grow up but certainly the meeting digs up years and years of memory..

Hope to see Hafizah and Wani (pakcik Hassan's daughter) and Mastura (pakcik Mustapha's daughter).

Congratulations to the bride and groom.. Until death do thee apart..

p/s : maybe next gath will be at kaklong's wedding.. hehe..

Friday, August 15, 2008

thursday nite bowling..

at the baby change room

last evening we went and picked up papamonkey at the ERL. by the time he arrives it was already 8.45pm so there's not enough time to buy some of littleaisyah's stuff at carrefour.

first stop, "the baby change room" aisyah poopoo while waiting for her father to arrive and half of the time on the way to alamanda i had to sit her down so that i dont have to inhale her poopoo yuckss...

after that, we went to alamanda food court and buy ourself a slice of waffle at the Waffle Stop "vanila icecream and strawberry jam" nyummyy.. and a bowl of beef fried rice also nyummyy.. (it is served in a bowl.. huh??)

by the time we finish the waffle and fried rice, aisyah dozed off.. yippieee freedom for bowling..

so we went and start the match and never took a single photo.. sigh.. all well ends well,

mamamonkey vs papamonkey = 1:1 yeaaayyyy!!!...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

papa monkey went to langkawi (wow it rhymes)

papamonkey coming back this evening from langkawi.. and we're heading straight to Alamanda for one or two round of bowling.. hopefully mamamonkey can paste pictures tomorrow.. hands up for MamaMonkey cheerleaders!!!!! Mama! Mama! Mama!

say yer last prayer papamonkey....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what i want to do today (all day)

"i swear to say the truth and nothing but the truth"....

kisah seorang shoppaholic - anna sui wallet

my effort in finding bonia wallet that match my bonia handbag comes to an end when i bought this.. i just happen to come across this cute thing while on my way for lunch at street mall.
looking at my then wallet decrepit, i chose to buy this creamy white anna sui..
of course the flower details are not embroidered, after all it cost me only Rm 30.00 but its painted on cotton piece.. i wouldnt have bought it if its pvc. very well made, there's three coice of color including brown and black.. but this caught my eyes first.
its convenient as it have 3 basic compartment ~ cards, notes and coins.
well maybe i'd be still looking for the bonia wallet, after all i am a shoppaholic.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

maxis broadband

modem maxis yg gabak
(gmbr latar - sok kaba yg menunjukkan bata buat sale)

last weekend kitorg balik JB.. sempat pulak pg picom.. semate2 nk beli maxis broadband..
so skarang dh bleh main intenet kt umah... hmmm betambah2 la mls aku nk buat chores.. duk melepek je depan komputer..

since then aku pun merajin2kan la diri berYM dgn akak aku yg kejap ade kejap xde sbb pg sidai baju, basuh pinggan, kemas rumah, berak.. oppsss...

weekend ni pulak adik ipar aku mintak teman pegi lowyatt nk beli laptop.. kalau ade rezki dptla aku sebijik webcam.. ngehngeh...

oh ye.. nmpk tak ariel modem yg panjang tu.. mungkin satu hari nnti bende tu aku buat korek idong aisyah.. insyaallah.. selamat...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i'm worst than mamai...

org kate bile dh ade anak, mase utk diri sendiri pun dh kurang... meh sini nk kasi example.

smlm aku pg opis cam biase la kan (ngantuk sbb xckp tido) oleh kerana bnyk keje nk buat aku pun buat2 la sibuk... sampai time lunch break memula ingat nk mendamparkan diri kt surau tp perut lak lapo.. so aku g la pujuk perut dulu... lps dh mkn dh pukul 2 pulak.. tepakse la naik opis terus...

sambungla buat keje yg belambak tu... hr ni buat testing. so most of the time aku kt testlab.. aku pun buat la testing sambil menahan mate.. tgh2 buat testing tu banyk plak problemnye.. geram2 aku reboot je system... mase tu dh pukul 4.. sambil nk tgu reboot tu aku nap la kejap (duduk, berbantalkn lengan atas meja...

pastu aku rase mcm 5 minit je aku duk mcm tu... aku ingat dh siap reboot dh.. skali tgk jam rupenye dh pukul 5.. satu jam jgkla aku duk tido kt testlab tu...

aku pun mls la nk buat dh.. aku balik kt meja, senior tanye "mcm mn testing hr ni", aku pun jwb "satu testscript pon xlps... ngeh3.. tp baru hr ni aku disclose rahsia aku tido kt testlab... sudahnye aku balik umah tido.. pg td bgn lmbt.. hihihi...